John G.


I am a grateful recovering Alcoholic. I have been clean and sober since August 28, 1985. Thanks to judges, treatment centers and people of Alcoholics Anonymous, I can live a pretty normal life today. I found at a very early age that alcohol and drugs made me feel 10ft tall and bullet proof. When I drank, I could do things that I would not even think about doing sober. Drinking made me feel secure and accepted by my friends and those I looked up to.

My drinking and drugging abuse only lasted a short 11 years. I became a black-out drunk. I created a very large drunk-a-log. Jails, judges, lawyers, institutions, divorce, mistrust, fear, terror, etc. is just a start. I had to sober up to realize the people, places, and things that my drinking and drugging affected. I was not aware how much of what I did affected others. I was pretty self centered.

I spend my life today "One Day at a Time," trying not to live the way I did during those 11 years. I was introduced to a Second Chance M/C Member while I was in a treatment center in 1985. He told me that I could ride my motorcycle with out alcohol and drugs and have fun doing it.

What a concept! This could not be possible as I had already tried it and it didn't work. I did not think there was going to be anything like fun and excitement after sobriety. I needed to do some "steps" and get my life in order. I couldn't get that Second Chance M/C Member and what he had to tell me out of my head. I had a desire for what he had.

I became a Second Chance M/C Member during may 1987. Second Chance M/C is a big part of my sobriety today. Second Chance M/C is not what keeps me sober. The club members teach me how to have fun while staying sober, how to have a fellowship that has similar interests as I do and how to live and let live.

Second Chance M/C is not a program of recovery. If you choose to hang around Second Chance M/C, you will learn that sobriety comes first in our lives. The rest is just dealing with life on life’s terms. There is fun and enjoyment after sobriety. Along with a program of recovery and keeping an open mind, Second Chance M/C is working for me.

I want to thank all past and present Second Chance M/C Members and family for allowing me to be a part of your lives. I want to thank all who have allowed Second Chance M/C to be a part of your lives past, present and future.

Hopefully our paths may cross and we can swap stories. Until then, do whatever it takes to stay sober and have fun at it.

John G.