Chris H.

It's all ZEN Memorial Day weekend of 1989 provided me with the option of attending two different sober events, a canoe trip down the Elkhorn river in Eastern Nebraska and a Motorcycle camp-out in Southeastern Iowa. Given that I was only sober 3 months and the fact that I had seen how bikers camped (generally a drunken orgy), I chose to go on the canoe trip.

After hearing of the wonderful time had by the contingency of sober bikers who made the 300 mile trek to Southeastern Iowa, I vowed to go to the motorcycle camp-out next Memorial Day weekend (canoeing could be done anytime). Come the end of May in 1990, that is exactly what I did. I made my way to Eddyville, Iowa on a broken down 1979 Lowrider where a sober motorcycle club was holding a camp-out along the Des Moines river. This was my first encounter with Second Chance MC. Since that weekend in 1990, I've only missed one Second Chance Memorial Day camp-out. That was in 1992 when I was in Eastern Pennsylvania working in a steal mill.

I've since gotten rid of the '79 Lowrider and moved from Nebraska to Eastern Iowa. After divorcing my lovely wife of six years, I felt I needed to fill my time with the fellowship of recovering persons. Because I had been hanging around Second Chance for 12 years and came to respect not only the way they worked the program of Alcoholics Anonymous but also the carefree way they approached life and all of its little uncertainties, I decided to prospect with them during the Memorial Day Camp-Out of 2001. I recieved my patch during the Memorial Day Camp-out of 2002 and have never looked back.

Through the years since that first Eddyville campout in 1990, I've gotten rid of the ol' '79 Lowrider, purchased and later sold an '85 Lowrider, got married, got divorced, received a college degree and landed a real job. I've gained a beautiful daughter, a '98 S1WL White Lightning, a '01 Dyna Wide Glide and a great group of new friends.

One thing has remained un-changed in that time, however, the fellowship of sober bikers whom I came to know as Second Chance MC. Second Chance MC is a great sober organization from whom I have obtained countless great memories of Memorial Days' past and, to whom I owe the last two years of my sobriety.

Later, Chris

P.S. I just remembered one other thing that has remained the same since Memorial Day 1990: The Weather!

Yep, This is me!